Outside, out at Sea…

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Outside, out at Sea

Where I am happiest....

Where I am happiest….

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Goodbye 2012

2012 Thank you for the road trip..

I Bless you,

I Bless you

I Bless you..

the ying and the yang

the yang and the ying..

the successes..

the successes..

I release you..



I forgive you…

the twist's and turns...

the twist’s and turns…

I love you…

my truth...

my truth…

my colours..

my colours..

feel it...

feel it…


I let you go…

I am anew...

I am renewed..

Thank you, always a blast…

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Wrap Up….


Well it’s been just under a week that I finished up the challenge, what can I say but what a ride.

So glad I did it.

Do I miss it, of course, it’s what I love to do. Yet at the same time it’s good that it came to an end.

Yet it hasn’t ended it’s only the beginning.

To reward myself I now have a new camera, the little one I’d used most the challenge died just 2 days out. It was still under warranty and I had the cash to assist buying another.

I’ve gone for compact for I just loved having a camera with me all the time.

I got a Nikon AW100 in camouflage green , waterproof, shockproof and GPS which will be great when we are back out on the water.

Crisp clear colour..


The colourful desert rose





Cloud shower





The End......



Good night..

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Day 120………yeah….Sisters.

Well I have done it…

120 days doing what I love, and you know; I love it…

I have my sister, Glenys, and lovely Matthew staying with us.

Glenys and I are so connected, it makes me laugh.

I got a new wallet the other day, red, orange, purple…

Guess who has exactly the same…..

It is so wonderful, we know each other completely yet, I forgot whilst apart.

Glenys and Matthew


matching wallets....

What a wonderful way to end….or is that to beginning…..

But in truth I have not, for I continue this gorgeous game with Jenny, on day 112.

Thankyou ‘my beautiful friend’ you have made me laugh, a beautiful, special journey that I know will never end….

We now know each other so completely.


breakfast at "The Cool Spot"



Then at lunch Sally and Ross walked in,

it’s been a while..


Spoon Bill and Ibis...

This morning at Fogg Dam..

No Effort



Night Heron

And a text from Marni,

“how does it get any better then this?”

The bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so - from the womb it is reborn every evening.

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Day 119 – Just Do It

What firstly drew me to the challenge was the thought “Could I do I”,

and now I’m a day off finishing..

Woo hoo…

It was a Green Day..

A couple of Whistling Ducks...cute

life is a reflection..


Shaded walk...









Green is the colour of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful colour. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the colour of balance.

'Mexican wave'

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Day 118 – Own It..

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance..

I have just lived 118 wonderful memorable days, I know I have lived so many more.

But I have lived and breathed an amazing journey.

I am living it now..


I didn’t take many today, the little ‘walker’ camera is gone, and the skies very grey.

So this is my picture for today

red - the colour of passion

My passion is nature. Just being in it,

and I love taking photos that of which I have for many for years.

I have 1000’s many that never see the light of day.

So may I indulge as I walk the final steps of this amazing journey.

My favourite paradise so far found…Lizard Island.

Sun Down.......


Just Being....(we are good at that..)



the days breath..

strawberry cocktail....

the view...



Lizard Island....(Tiata front left corner)

So grateful.

So grateful.


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Day 117 – The Challenge is….

The challenge for me on this 120day challenge, has not been doing what I love.

I love taking photos and I have been thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of ‘blogging’

No the challenge comes from stuff, everyday stuff.

I am without a computer again (not major, just some loose ends) and Rudy’s little camera that has been with me through thick and thin over these last 117 days has taken it’s last photo. I think yesterday’s walk in the storm did it …..

But I’m still here and I have learnt heaps.

Heaps about me…..I am stronger than I ever thought. I am fun and playful and I like me.

I realise that my passion lies in nature, just being outside fills me with a joy so bright, so right…..so natural.

I have learnt the power of a goal and the momentum behind it.

My next challenge is to mix the power of a goal and boost my dreams into certain reality.


Stay tuned for today’s photos……

Computer back…all good.

Grey skies..

Monsoon clouds

blowing in the wind....


Silver Day...

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