Outside, out at Sea…

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Outside, out at Sea

Where I am happiest....

Where I am happiest….


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Goodbye 2012

2012 Thank you for the road trip..

I Bless you,

I Bless you

I Bless you..

the ying and the yang

the yang and the ying..

the successes..

the successes..

I release you..



I forgive you…

the twist's and turns...

the twist’s and turns…

I love you…

my truth...

my truth…

my colours..

my colours..

feel it...

feel it…


I let you go…

I am anew...

I am renewed..

Thank you, always a blast…

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Wrap Up….


Well it’s been just under a week that I finished up the challenge, what can I say but what a ride.

So glad I did it.

Do I miss it, of course, it’s what I love to do. Yet at the same time it’s good that it came to an end.

Yet it hasn’t ended it’s only the beginning.

To reward myself I now have a new camera, the little one I’d used most the challenge died just 2 days out. It was still under warranty and I had the cash to assist buying another.

I’ve gone for compact for I just loved having a camera with me all the time.

I got a Nikon AW100 in camouflage green , waterproof, shockproof and GPS which will be great when we are back out on the water.

Crisp clear colour..


The colourful desert rose





Cloud shower





The End......



Good night..

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Day 120………yeah….Sisters.

Well I have done it…

120 days doing what I love, and you know; I love it…

I have my sister, Glenys, and lovely Matthew staying with us.

Glenys and I are so connected, it makes me laugh.

I got a new wallet the other day, red, orange, purple…

Guess who has exactly the same…..

It is so wonderful, we know each other completely yet, I forgot whilst apart.

Glenys and Matthew


matching wallets....

What a wonderful way to end….or is that to beginning…..

But in truth I have not, for I continue this gorgeous game with Jenny, on day 112.

Thankyou ‘my beautiful friend’ you have made me laugh, a beautiful, special journey that I know will never end….

We now know each other so completely.


breakfast at "The Cool Spot"



Then at lunch Sally and Ross walked in,

it’s been a while..


Spoon Bill and Ibis...

This morning at Fogg Dam..

No Effort



Night Heron

And a text from Marni,

“how does it get any better then this?”

The bat is a symbol of rebirth and depth because it is a creature that lives in the belly of the Mother (Earth). From the womb-like caves it emerges every evening at dusk. And so - from the womb it is reborn every evening.

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Day 119 – Just Do It

What firstly drew me to the challenge was the thought “Could I do I”,

and now I’m a day off finishing..

Woo hoo…

It was a Green Day..

A couple of Whistling Ducks...cute

life is a reflection..


Shaded walk...









Green is the colour of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful colour. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the colour of balance.

'Mexican wave'

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Day 118 – Own It..

I dwell in the midst of infinite abundance..

I have just lived 118 wonderful memorable days, I know I have lived so many more.

But I have lived and breathed an amazing journey.

I am living it now..


I didn’t take many today, the little ‘walker’ camera is gone, and the skies very grey.

So this is my picture for today

red - the colour of passion

My passion is nature. Just being in it,

and I love taking photos that of which I have for many for years.

I have 1000’s many that never see the light of day.

So may I indulge as I walk the final steps of this amazing journey.

My favourite paradise so far found…Lizard Island.

Sun Down.......


Just Being....(we are good at that..)



the days breath..

strawberry cocktail....

the view...



Lizard Island....(Tiata front left corner)

So grateful.

So grateful.


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Day 117 – The Challenge is….

The challenge for me on this 120day challenge, has not been doing what I love.

I love taking photos and I have been thoroughly enjoying the simplicity of ‘blogging’

No the challenge comes from stuff, everyday stuff.

I am without a computer again (not major, just some loose ends) and Rudy’s little camera that has been with me through thick and thin over these last 117 days has taken it’s last photo. I think yesterday’s walk in the storm did it …..

But I’m still here and I have learnt heaps.

Heaps about me…..I am stronger than I ever thought. I am fun and playful and I like me.

I realise that my passion lies in nature, just being outside fills me with a joy so bright, so right…..so natural.

I have learnt the power of a goal and the momentum behind it.

My next challenge is to mix the power of a goal and boost my dreams into certain reality.


Stay tuned for today’s photos……

Computer back…all good.

Grey skies..

Monsoon clouds

blowing in the wind....


Silver Day...

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Day 116 – Wet season Walk….

The Cyclone watch was called off this morning but we have had a day of very heavy rains and wild winds.

Time to go for a walk…..

Divinely wonderful,

I like to call it travelling in the ‘other world’..

Like being in the world, but not of it.

a time to play.

Everyone one we passed were grinning madly.

Caught in the heavy rain, but the rain was not cold…


It was pouring all day, this is what I walked to work in...woohoo..

rained all night, we left the doors open...ahhh



a moment of sunlight....

a torrent of water rushing out to sea..





there is a 'front' approaching....


waiting out the rain...

we waited behind a tree for about 20minutes whilst the front went through...

a moment of sunshine..


it was wild.....


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Day 115 – Cyclone Watch for the Top End..

Well we are officially on Cyclone Watch, we are ready.

I have moved all my plants inside,

Tiata is tied tight.

I wish all in the Port Keats area and surrounds a safe time.

We could be in for a windy time..

The ocean can be compared to our thoughts. What we send out will be brought back to us like the tide. The mermaids remind us to send out positive thoughts as these will be reflected back at us.


a grey day....

a splash of colour on a dull day, thankyou little desert rose...



the calm before the wind...


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Day 114 – Still sitting under the Bodhi Tree…

Well here I am still sitting under the tree, sitting, watching, emptying.

Today we got away from work early and we went for a walk along the beach front.

It’s was cloudy and the threat of rain ever present but didn’t fall.

It was deserted,

and so beautiful…

As everyday, I do what I love. I take my photo’s I prepare them and they are all ready, I write my blog.

The funny thing with my computer now is that I am able to surf the net,

but cannot upload or download.

I see this as a message, that I will happily follow.

A time to sit and accept the ebb of life..

So here I be,


quietly under the Bodhi Tree..


Tides out......very out...

Breathe out......



an weekday walk the place quiet..




Crimson Finch...


The opening of one’s eyes



Focus on living ‘IN’ the moment


Power and Poise

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Day 113 – Sitting Under the Bodhi Tree

A Bodhi Tree is a symbol of the ultimate potential that lies within us all.

I have been sitting,

I have been sitting.

I have “Let Go”

and now I am sitting and watching.

Watching my thoughts,

watching the world around me.

Sitting under the Bodhi tree and just letting life Be…

Island with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm tree

My Goal remains and I will continue my 120days in what ever form available,

it has also allow me the ‘space’ to look at my dreams and redefine them into goals…

Let Go

We had a cool lunch inside the rain gently falling making for a misty scene..



Covered in Dew...


The leaves were so green and shiny...

Healing nature..

little critter...

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Day 112 – Fairweather…

Well for me the past two weeks have been messy for me.

Call it what you like, I’d like to call it a dance with the ego…and the ego had the lead

Last night I surrendered completely.

I turned off everything….

Today I had a beautiful day reconnecting with nature, with me,

and though this has been somewhat public.

I feel at peace.

still unable to download and upload photos been on the phone with Telstra all night..

Will I get another photo up



With the full moon the tides are huge over 7 meters….the harbour was full..


Where's the beach....



The tides and the moon.....amazing.


Nature Imps..




Think BIG...

Now that's a mushroom.....



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Day 111 – Some days just don’t flow….

Sometimes life feels like it doesn’t want to play. What do you do, nothing, breathe and come back to it another time.

So I will be back tomorrow….


Well it’s some 3 days later – and today my internet has begun to work again..

I am so grateful…

I was awoken at 530am the moon was out. I watched as a predawn storm washed through but was lucky to get this shoot









Break Through

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Day 110 – The Sun always Shines

The Sun still shines when the rain is falling,

the sun still shines when the sky is dark and full of stars,

the sun still shines…

and for that I am so grateful.

Thankyou Sun..


The sun always shines.

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Day 109 – Acceptance cont…

Today I will practice acceptance.

I have these words on the wall in my bathroom and stopped and read the words carefully before heading out into the world. It was a great reminder……

“I will practice acceptance. Today I will accept people, situations, circumstances, and events as they occur. I know that this moment is as it should be, because the whole universe is as it should be. I will not struggle against the whole universe by struggling against this moment. My acceptance is total and complete. I accept things as they are this moment, not as they wish they were.

Doesn’t mean I can’t find another way ; D

I have tried to post this blog 4 times, which is why I have a split post today…..

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Day 109 – Acceptance

The dawning of a new day.....

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Day 108 – The answer is always Love…

Not having any luck with computers, mine has blown it’s almost new hard drive. A win is that it’s still under warranty. I then tried to use the (new) computer at work and for some reason it doesn’t like to upload photos to the WordPress site. So here I am on Rudy’s iPad, and the story goes on and on…..

So I will continue taking my photos and putting a start to my blog.

The answer is always ‘love’

Sometimes it is the question that remains unclear….

Curlews on the way to work.......beautiful

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Day 107 – Computer Down….

Did my blog early yesterday morning as we had friends coming over.

Had a great afternoon, a good laugh…yeah the Kookaburra, and then was going to add the beautiful sunset.

Turned on my Computer and……………

nothing, grey screen with little timer…..eeekkkkkkkk.

So it’s in getting repaired and I and using the computer at work…

It’s not being kind…

On the way back I drove past Frances Bay aka: “The Duck Pond”

Full of working boats and trawlers…

The Duck Pond...



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106 – The call of the Kookaburra…

In the past two days we have seen Kookaburras – kingfishers on our morning walks. It’s been both Rudy and I so a message for us both.

Up here in the north we have the Blue winged Kookaburra, smaller then the Laughing Kookaburra and has beautiful almost translucent blue in it’s wings and rarely seen in town, we also saw a Forest Kingfisher much smaller and again translucent blue wings.

The Kingfishers message:

Self Expression. Able to go into the unknown without fear. Connected to past lives. Powerful teacher.

The Kookaburra’s message: 

Laughter. Family. Wooing your partner. Sibling rivalry. Healing others and the self. Conquering fear. Ending old patterns. Turning hurt into happiness. Hunting down your own truths. Signals. God energy. Teaching and sharing your truths with others.

Lessons and Challenges:

The Kookaburra encourages Laughter hahahahahahaha, I’m laughing now. Laughter is positive even if we feel where ‘faking it’

The Kookaburra draws attention to our family relationships. It reminds us that family is important at this time of out lives. Do we feel honoured and are we honouring..

The Kookaburra is a profound healer and indicates one is going through a great time of healing.

Kookaburra is the energy of conquering fears and in turn, ending old patterns that aren’t nourishing.

From a light-hearted position, kookaburra encourages us to better woo our partners and our friends.

Information from Wildspeak Totem Dictionary

A wonderful message from nature, and as I laugh my way through the day I am honoured for their presence..

This is one of 2 we saw yesterday, mother and baby this is the baby..

We saw this guy today, a different side of town so definitely seeking us out..

not the best shots but this little guy is a forest kingfisher.

Some other sights from this morning.

A bit of a mix…still laughing..

This mornings sky..



saw this guy on the side of a car couldn't resist....'The Martian', loved that cartoon...

a mini ute...

my joyful spirit..






divine light..

Thankyou for taking the time to spend a little time with me..


“still laughing” 

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105 – Surreal Surrender..

As I humbly and joyfully serve the spirit of creativity,

my personal needs are met.


 I love weekends, today we were up and out before the light of day.


natures gems

Breaking day

breaking day

early light

early light

We came across these strange looking fungus….they are called Lace Stinkhorn or Maiden Veil Fungus,

despite its delicate beauty, smells like rotten meat. Its smell is used to attract flies which help to spread its spores. It lasts only one to two days.

very phallic..

veiled and smelly but I didn't get that close...













coloured rock

lonely shores

water bubbling where we normally walk


sun down...

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Day 104 – Rainy Night

Last night it rain and rained, it was the most we’d had for a while.

I’d been on the boat over the weekend, cleaned and aired her.

I was awoken thinking I’d  felt a window open, I knew I hadn’t be it wouldn’t go.

Obsessive compulsive …..ekkk.

So I got up early and went down to give her a cuddle and to appease my crazy mind.

She was dry.

I went to the beach, it was deserted, wet and rugged.

I stood and watched the ocean, with the sound of rain dancing on my umbrella.

I was beautiful…..

looking out over the Marina














a wet morning....


All westerlies this time of year makes the beaches a bit messy..







coloured pebbles

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Day 103 – Que Sera Sera

After yesterday’s blog, Animal Dreaming – The Void

I have found myself singing “Que Sera Sera”

The words ring so sweet…

“Que Sera, Sera
Whatever will be, will be
The future`s not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be”

Dream big, and have fun in each moment along the way…

Colourful Dawn


"red in the morning........









mirrored light






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Day 102 – Animal dreaming..The Void

Today we were up early, and went for a early morning coffee at The Cool Spot.

It’s a grey day and the sounds of thunder echo from distant storms in the background.

Rudy heads into work first so he dropped me off and I made my way back home along the quiet almost deserted beach.

As I headed along the beach the threat of rain evident though I knew I would be spared.

On leaving the beach I could hear the majestic call of Black Cockatoos.

I turned, their were four, they flew towards me and dipped and circled above my head,

their calls echoing to me a message.

I felt blessed,

I made it home just before the skies opened above my head an the rains fell…

The Message of the Black Cockatoo – The Void

Some say in the beginning there was perpetual darkness a gentle void; a blanket of nothingness that tenderly swathed the Universal plains. Within the fertile emptiness the Great Mother stirred, as if waking from a eternal slumber.

The Black Cockatoo carries the Genetic Memory of this scared time and, within her Dreaming, comes the lesson of Surrender.

The Black Cockatoo demonstrates the patience that can only come when we accept that we cannot possibility know everything at the beginning of any journey and that the wisdom will present itself  at the appropriate time.

Black Cockatoo Dreaming helps us take control of our life insisting that we grow at our own pace and learn what we need to know in our own time.

She encourages us to just sit in contemplation and wait for life’s mysteries to unfold without consciously seeking answers.

She urges us to confront our fears and to go with the flow and to embrace all new opportunities as they present themselves.

The Red-tailed Black Cockatoo which is evident around Darwin is also said to carry the energy of the Grandmothers. It is seen as a lunar – influenced bird as it’s red feathers represent the blood of the feminine creative force.

Information from: Animal Dreaming – The Symbolic & Spiritual Language of the Australasian Animals,  By Scott Alexander King

Only managed to capture 3 of them...








They circled me as they called...





The skies opened upon my return...









embrace the opportunities that present....




Day 101 – A bit of this, a bit of that….

The title says it all..

A bit of this

and a

bit of that…

Live, Love, Laugh, Sing, Dance, Dream, Play, Give, Smile and Cherish.

At the bus stop..














Shop Window




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Day 100 – Reflection..

Well I have reached Day 100 and it feels wonderful.

I know for sure, I have a passion for what I’m doing.

I love being in nature, it’s where I feel at home.

Watching the sky fill with colour or the clouds drop heavy rains.  Noticing a critter on the way to work or taking the time  to watch a bird as it circles high in the sky. Appreciating a flower or just the quite city streets on a weekend fills me with joy.

It reminds me of how lucky and truly grateful I am.

To be accompanied by my beautiful friend Jenny is beyond words. Though countries apart we have opened our hearts and connected with love and joy. We still have our trails and tribulations, yet now they are quickly banished infused with love and gratitude. To be a part of each other’s life is a gift.

It’s been a positive, beautiful experience.

Thankyou Jenny, I love you so much.

twisted vines

Had to take a closer look at the single flower...see it.

worth it...


The birds caught my eye


my space...

I spotted the Curlews again today, I watched for a while..

A ship leaving the harbour..

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Day 99 – Sweet Sunday

A day to rest,

a day to relax,

a day to follow your heart and to do what you love.


May everyday hold a bit of Sunday’s essence….

Still morning..

We were up and out early....




Pretty day, blue and clear..


tropical blue..




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Day 98 cont… The mystery of Clouds…

If you let your dreaming mind loose to wander about in the realms of clouds, you’re going to be saturated with loads of potential.

Our rational minds have no use for clouds

it is our intuitive perception that is truly in its element…

Storm cloudRainbowLightningStorm cloud

Dream BIG

Dream Often…

and have Faith..



Vast Potential..














Latent Creativity




Day 98 – The mystery of Clouds..

Clouds hold the symbol meaning of revelation.

Consider this: Out of the mists of our deepest thoughts suddenly an epiphany comes, a bright idea comes out from nowhere.

That is the gift of Cloud symbolism.

"out of nowhere" feeling of magic and wonder



"Mysteries waiting to be explored"


"Veiled Information"



Divine Communication

Follow your Bliss

Follow your Heat


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Day 97 – Friday

Nothing much to say today

Glad that the weekend is here and I have a chance to relax..

Mr G has taken the leap….

He was a wonderful teacher…

Good Luck Mr G…..


Walking the Esplanade.

This mornings sky....










White is the colour of choice

Green is the colour calmness

A walk in the shade....




Blue the colour of tranquillity, serenity and peace it soothes the mind..








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Day 96 – The winds of Change….

The beginning of change can be like a cannon ball, life is flowing along then ‘Kapow’ something happens and it all changes.

It may seem small to the outside world but within emotions are flying, past hurts are pushed to the surface. The “why me” is echoing within.

We have a choice to fight, to stand our ground to stay hurt and lost in the past. To never be healed or maybe pushed aside for another rainy day.

To stand in a state of delusion.

Or we have a choice to let go, to let the feelings come up and recognise that change is is the air.

To ask: What do I need to know about this?

Then watch, breathe, be present, pay attention, listen deeply and focus on loving yourself.

Be creative with your dreams and know too, all is taken care of…

Choose well..

Choose from the heart..

Find your center..

The winds of change seem dark, but the light is there..

It takes courage..





Standing bravely at the abyss and ready to leap..

Be Clear and listen










The past is over, Be present.

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Day 95 – Tutti Frutti Skies

So many colours throughout the day.

from light

to dark

to tutti frutti skies.

RainbowRed heartStarStarRed heartRainbow

The colours of the wet season in the Top End..

morning creep into the day...

Magpie geese...symbolise 'home coming'

storm clouds rush through..




throughout the day a rainbow of colour










Day ends with Tutti Frutti skies






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Day 94 – Surrounded by Nature….

I am happiest outside with the wind in my hair,

surrounded by nature

and connected to life.

Island with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm treeIsland with palm tree

My first shot is not from today

but a snapshot of me

where I am most happy.

Surrounded by Blue…

May I indulge….

On Tiata looking out over the Ocean..

Yesterday I sighted a family of  Bush Stone Curlews , so today I just had to go and see if they were still around.

They are so beautiful, as I gingerly walked towards them and they froze.

I did my best not to spook them, and all on  my way to work

How lucky am I….

Bush stone curlew

Under a single tree in the middle of a big open space

They hide through the day and feed at night

I sometimes hear there calls some nights, beautifully haunting..

Strawberry dreams....

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Day 93 – Mondays

I’m back at the start working week,

the thought sneaks in,

will I get the time to take some photos, something that I’m proud of

will I get the time to do my blog

will I get time with Rudy…

will I get to….

and then I let it all go

and that’s when the magic happens…

coloured grass

Walking to work, I took a detour...so worth it.










facing west, at the sailing club..


Darwin Sailing Club, on dusk...

Darwin cliffs highlighted beautifully..



There is beauty everywhere........this is taken from the garage..

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Day 92 – 70th Anniversary – Bombing of Darwin

Today is the 70th Anniversary of the bombing of  Darwin. One story that touched me so deeply, was that of 2 young girls aged 9 and 11 that were left behind. All the other Mother’s and Children had been  evacuated from Darwin, but for some reason they were forgotten. I can touch their disbelief and fear.

For me it was 1st Grade we had moved from Sydney to Canberra. We didn’t stay long, about 6 months before we moved back. I am in a big family, I think 7 or 8 at the time.

To make it easier for Mum and Dad we were sent to school for a half day, I was to meet with my sisters before lunch break. I remember waiting and waiting, I thought they had left me behind. The fear that rose in me has not been forgotten.

To be left behind is a terrible feeling.

Then to find yourself in a war zone.

My heart goes out to her and her sister,

never forgotten….

A Bit of this, a bit of that…

The Cav, went pink and raising money for breast Care NT...I love it.

from a chinese vase...

coffee time under the vines

My friend Jenny use to live...miss you xxxx

Nothing like getting your coffee in your pj's..

Afternoon storm on the Marina

Day 91 – How does it get any better then this??

As the heading states “How does it get any better then this?”

After years, yes years of procrastinating I finally took my SLR camera to have the sensor cleaned, cost $70 the result a clean outcome. MAGIC…..

Even better we had the opportunity to head out bush and use it..

We took a drive out to Fogg Dam which is a favourite of ours, we get to connect with what’s happening out at Kadadu without the long drive – 1 hour verses 3 hours..

And what’s happening: It doesn’t look like the normal “wet” everything is green and lush but not the amount of water that we usually see. What I love is the birds, and this time of year we have the vast open place to ourselves, to share and be with the critters….

More MAGIC…..

birds on the plain..

Lots of green

Gotta get a road train shot...They are big..


Willy Wagtail with breakfast..

a couple of ants rescuing a mate, hope it wasn't us...




A Brolga

Two Brolgas in the long grass

birds in flight

We then drove on to the on to the Bark Hut In at Annaburroo  – I love saying that name..Thay have critters there too.

I see you....

An Emu

A baby Buffalo...

And the “piece de resistance” a  Black necked stork also known as a Australian Jabiru.

I kept saying to Rudy we have to see one and as we were nearly back in town I looked up…

I looked up....

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Day 90 – What is fear?

What is fear but a construct of the mind..

Fear of what happened in the past could happen again

Fear of what may, or may not happen in the future

I faced fear today and decided to sit with it.

it soon goes away..

For truly, right NOW everything is perfect…

and it is….

the sky is always blue behind the clouds..

looks worse then what it really is..

a walk along the beach to remember all is well..


Turn Thought into Presence..


Mr G moulted again this morning, his 5 moult and now an adult.

I have been very lucky to have him as a companion, he is a constant reminder that one can only move forward never backwards or sideways..

I’m sure he will leave me soon and I bid him safe journey..

Mr G Is all grown up...about to leap into the unknown.

Let Go....

the cycle....

All is good in the world,

all is as it should be.



Night kisses Day

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Day 89 – Staying calm within a storm…

Some days bowl you over with an unexpected hook

what can you do…

stay clam, clear and non judgemental

focus on the love

see only light

and know “this too shall pass”

then look outside and take some photos….

back streets of Darwin..

over the roof tops..

Darwin in the Wet Season - empty streets..


look up


strawberry skies..



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Day 88 – The Tale of a Top End Storm…..

It’s the wet season here but you wouldn’t know it. The monsoon has moved away and is not expected back till the end of March.

The days are beautiful crisp and clear, but they are also extremely hot. The afternoons  particularly hot, the sun beats down relentlessly. The thought of the sinking sun and relief from the burning orb of light plays on ones mind.

Tonight though we were treated to a short sharp storm right on dusk, the light was awesome and the speed at which it travelled though amazing.

It brought relief, a great show and for that I am delightfully grateful.

The sun beats down on a crystal clear day

early morning..

Mr G keeping cool...


rolling in fro the south, could hear the thunder but still clear in front

a rainbow before the storm front











golden light, of rain, cloud and sun

the rain rolling in

stormwater floods into the marina


20 minutes later, clear

the following cloud..











all in time for the sun set....perfect

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Day 87 – Happy Love Day….

Love, love, love

Love yourself

Love another

and all is good in the world

Love is light..

Love Is.....pink..

Love is all you need...

Love another...

Love yourself xxxxxx



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Day 86 – Creativity…..


the ability to think and create something new

and then to bring it to life..

We all have this gift

each unique and truly devine..

This little masterpiece of creativity is a toilet seat...

nothing like sitting on the sea to pee..













Best thing it can be whatever you like….

there are


a spider in the tree...

I first time I saw “knitted trees” through my dear friend Jenny who plays this wonderful game of creativity with me over in New Zealand and now something different in Darwin..

How did they know it's size?????



































You got an idea??

Then just do it….



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Day 85 – Sunday’s Child

Sunday’s Child is happy,

happy for the week of play,

happy to be reminded of the sweet child within,

just waiting to play…

just waiting to love…

new life

walking into the light..

flower bursts..

incy wincy spider

Had a beautiful couple of weeks with Marni before her adventure to Tasmania and the unknown…

Have fun Miss Marni xxxxx

uniform...gone woohoo

farewell lunch....



what lies ahead....looks beautiful..


all is rosy

in the pool





























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Day 84 – Saturday’s Child

Saturday’s Child felt blissful and free

nowhere to go and nowhere she has to be…

except BE…


joyfully yellow, a happy colour..

A happy hibiscus..

a love lily..


I spied this noisy character sounded like he had a dreadful sore throat...


moon in the Darwin sky

lovely light

I always feel like I'm walking into a fairy tale here...does that make sense??

I love trees...


A BIG cruise ship, entering for there day in Darwin...it's hot, but pretty..

Jenny always sends me photos from entering Kilbirnie same happening here...so cool..


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Day 83 – Friday’s Child

Friday’s Child felt blessed

was awoken to the most beautiful clear morning

with the the moon still high in the sky

it was so still…

Cullen Bay

morning moon

"the early bird"

was a beautifully pretty day.....and a hottie..



Friday’s Child decided to say “Yes”..

Meet the "Hello" bird, hear it in the mornings sometimes sounds like it's saying hello I always say hello back ; D

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Day 82 – Thursday Child

Thursday’s child was feeling rosy and free

before she stepped out into the day

she blew some bubbles (doesn’t everyone have a bottle of bubbles on hand… Open-mouth smile )

and let her inner child is out to play xxx

 Red heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heartRed roseRed heartRed heartRed heartRed heart

Today I was drawn to the colour red it seemed like it was everywhere….

RED contains unlimited energy, heat, vitality and power. It’s a colour of enthusiasm, passion, sensuality, courage, optimism, motivation and achievement. Red can help draw money, new opportunities and prosperity into your life. It also awakens your creativity and assists to achieve your goals….

Red cars everywhere....



Red fires in the back alley way..



STOP, and smell the roses...

Even Rudy was in red..

mmmmm might have to go back tomorrow..

   Valentines just around the corner ever if you don’t have a partner,  nothing better then looking and feeling sexy xxx

Get too hot to handle..


Hot mail....

di CROCO....expensive red



Thursday child had fun, happily playing for no other reason but to have fun….

Sunset red...

When  was the last time you let your inner child just play…..maybe tomorrow   Winking smile

Day 81 – Wednesday’s Child

Wednesday’s Child arose feeling melancholy

so went out into to world

and touched her dreams

and found joy in the infinite gifts that surrounded her…

my favourite colours....

I have faith in the progress of my dreams xx

keep going and trust...



as I am writing this blog I am listening to a whale song from Kamal – enchanted world, too beautiful xx

beautiful coloured orbs in this photos

look up and see..

I always buy a butterfly when I feel I have gone through a transformation and not before, I was urged today to get this colourful beauty today.


everyday miracles

how can I not trust with such a companion xx









I walked with my feelings and in turn received a bounty...


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Day 80 – Tuesday’s Child..

Tuesday’s Child had storm clouds

and danced in the rain….

Storm clouds over the harbour

rolling in

dancing in the rain...


for dancing in the rain...

made from chocolate……

Mr G still loves this birth plant though not much left...

we be friends...














after a wet and cloudy day....pure magic..

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Day 79 – Monday’s Child..

Monday’s child loves flowers…..

not all perfect photography, but perfect...

all on the way to work....

a trio of joy...







The Earth Laughs in flowers – Ralph Waldo Emerson.

bright reminders..





A symbol of generosity and love when they are given away.

forever wild..


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Day 78 – Sunday

Sunday means a lot of different things to alot of people,

it’s a pretty word

for me  it means a day of rest, relaxation, peace and being,

to get out in nature, to play and to sing.

I like to live everyday as a Sunday…

washed up on the beach...

the rising sun..



Today included 2 walks along the beach ; D

it’s been windy all day


were I always love to look - up...

make your 'shadow' side light..

the light is so different through the day...dappled.


low tide at midday..


I had the most beautiful dream last night, my Dad was there. It was him but it didn’t look like him, he rewarded for continuing my journey. I was given a promotion and a range of new equipment. I felt myself well up with tears of gratitude and joy.

It was a beautiful dream.


Love you Dad xxx

Day 77 – Done by lunchtime…..

This week was a busy week, too busy for my liking. I have had Miss Marni with us and I have been unable to give her much of my time at all.

I felt guilty and out of sorts, I managed to show up everyday but it was a late night struggle.

Today I my shots are of our morning walk into town and around the Wharf area of Darwin, it was a lovely morning.

Now my goal is it get posted asap and enjoy the day.

Enjoy Marni….

Good Morning world.....


meadow land....

This is actually a building site waiting to happen..

Beautiful morning light a gentle breeze, wow soooo lucky


Still morning...

pretty flowers everywhere

beautiful colour...


and I’m done all before 12.30…..time to relax, time to chill.

Nowhere I have to go and nothing I have to do.





It’s now after 8.30 we have had a wonderful day chillin’ and chatting and are now relaxing after a beautiful meal together.

a beautiful finale to a grand day...

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Day 76 – Light behind the dark.

grey morning...

We all have days like a gloomy grey sky

but if you sit still and listen

behind very gloomy face beats the everlasting light of the soul

bright. joyful and forever eternal….


just the clouds were gloomy, I had a light, bright day...I choose..












look to the joyful....












Darwin on dusk










follow the lightway..

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Day 75 – Treasured Creations

A treasured creation made by the hands of a loved one

there is nothing better

for it captures a bit of them

and it captures a bit of you…

High five! Red heart High five! Red heart High five!

Today some creations that Rudy has made for me: my “Bee” ring that reminds me to ‘be’. Made from Crown (teeth) ceramic.

A piece of the Territory : a croc tooth from a Croc skull that we found at Malay Bay a deserted beach in West Arnhem Land and a local bore’s tusk, given to Rudy.

A shell which I found on a beach at near Nguiu on the Tiwi Islands north of Darwin, it’s detail perfect and it reminds my that I am part of the Sea

The bee also reminds us, as Ben Lee puts so beautifully; "that we are all in this together"

The Crocodile represent fierce protection and the Bore considered a symbol of sincerity, honesty, and determination.


As shells are from the sea they represent the vast expanses of the unconscious mind. Also this way it reminds me of the "tree of life"

They are also a divine feminine symbol associated with God Venus who was born from a shell


This beautiful hand made creation was made by my beautiful friend Jenny and hangs in 'Elevated' a beautiful shop in Darwin

Created for her friend who does wonderful natural facials, Jackie.


Treated to an early morning rainbow..


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Day 74 – After the rain..

After the rain

the clouds break open

the day grows bright

the colours renew

it’s a glorious sight

Mr G's glad for the break in the wind and rain..

looking up - the colour returning..

looking down - bursting with colour..



and tonight blessed with a sunset to colour the sky..

a masterpiece, so grateful...

so beautiful....I never tire..











the colour has returned...magnificence..












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Day 73 – Time

What is time, but an illusion

when we have it, life slows down

when we don’t, it flashes before your eyes

and yet, really the only real time is ‘now’

all there ever was

and all there ever will be.

Leila sits with me in meditation - Arabic in origin and the meaning "night beauty"

I always like to find the time to meditate, I'm a nature sprite which is why I like surround myself with nature's gifts.












Time is the essence of all that is, time is everything yet time in itself is nothing.

Today it felt like I had no time..

According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.


As you can see I love the symbolic world…

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Day 72 – bubbles of colour…

the day was dim,

the light struggled,

and yet it managed,

and so did I.

a rainy day.....

a grey day













Playing with colour

I look across at glass tiles they change colour with the light,

they fascinate me.

I feel like I’m on an underwater adventure,

with the fishies in the sea ..


glass bubbles - sea green

blue bubbles - ocean blue

diamond bubbles




lava bubbles

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Day 71 – The Wet…

The sky grey,

the wind caresses my skin,

waves crash upon the shores,

there’s a ruggedness to the Top End,

orange, yellow, red and brown,

a depth,

a strength,

 a masculine power ,

a roar.

dogs dance in the waves of the normally flat harbour.

a ruddy day..

crabs in battle


looking out...


must be wet....




We have the wonderful Miss Marni staying with us for a few weeks. I moved out of my office as I wanted Marni to feel at home.

I have moved into the back room, it’s open, but I have made it comfortable. I have a different view and I have my space to continue my journey through the 120 day challenge without excuse.

I just peered around and on the window behind my a new friend, an adult grasshopper. I see Mr G still has a way to go and I am reminded to overcome obstacles efficiently and to be ready leap with faith and trust. A lucky symbol.

I love the messages from the world around me, little miracles..

My new digs...I have everything I need..




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Day 70 – A morning walk.

A morning walk fills my soul,

revives my body,

opens my heart,

and makes me oh so grateful that I am here to walk another day upon this Earth.

Myilly Point houses the region's only surviving establishments that portray old world architectural styles that were popular just before the second World War.

beautiful colour

Looking down over Little Mindil Beach from Myilly Point



lots of green - green calms the body, replenishes your energy and helps you to relax.


caught in a shower....wait awhile and it clears...

looking over Darwin wharf area and out into the harbour..

plenty of green to revive me...


and to finish my walk…….


rain soaked beauty


simple pleasures….

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Day 69 – A Zebra Day…..

The zebra’s gifts include seeing in black and white, clarity without filters, balance, agility, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, keeping up individuality within the herd.

The zebra’s black and white stripes camouflage it against predators, who often can’t identify individuals in the herd. However to the herd members the patterns are unique from zebra to zebra, helping to identify one another – they are as unique as our fingerprints. Blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is one powerful aspect of Zebra. Zebras also help us to be supportive members within our communities. These abilities protect them from danger, as well as their agility and speedy.

The stripes also represent the blending and balancing of opposites, yin yang, harmony – enabling us to see a deeper truth.


we saw this little guy....a quail?

Some days you just want to be disguised within the crowd..









But never loose one's unique wonderful and devine identify...

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Day 68 – Soggy soggy soggy oi oi oi….

We were treated to a wet and windy Australia Day morning after a couple of days of extreme weather.

High wind, lots of rain and big tides…..

Looks like most Australian enjoyed either a wet or roasting day..

Luckily by mid morning it had calmed down and we were ready to head out and see what nature had been up too.


Sand dunes....gone...

Greeted to a wet day, nice to be able to sleep in..

The Ski Club swamped by tide and wind


The tides never cease to amaze me.....

green carpet...

a few geese on take off...




Aussie Day lunch at the Sailing cliub

the leaves on all the tree frozen in time....

Tables strewn at the Ski Club



was a big tide....

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Day 67 – Squally Weather..

A big low is sitting over the top of Darwin.

The winds started last night and it hasn’t stopped howling since then.

I’ve moved Mr G to a safer part of the balcony  but he seems unconcerned happily munching and riding the  wind currents  on his ‘surfleaves’. He was good to stay on, he was going off….

Trying to get photos today could be interesting, heading down to the bus….more interesting….mmm.

It’s now 8 30pm the winds had eased of during the day but looking at the BOM site I think we are just about to get another hit of weather. Yep it’s hitting….

Looks like Australia Day for most is going to be wet, wild or stinking hot. Happy Australia Day xx

Riding the 'air waves'....

there wave where crashing......we don't get waves....

howling through the marina..

The photos don’t do justice the wind was howling all the doors in our place was rattling……not much sleep you had..

stormy weather...

this must be Dr Dick

"we can't show you his face"





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Day 66 – DeLuGe…

Well the rains have started, so far today and it’s 9pm Darwin has had 148.6mm of rain since 9am and that figure is rising as I type.

Rudy and I had a late finish so decided to stop for a bite to eat, and then, as we both had our big umbrellas we decided to walk home.

It got me laughing and singing….”singing in the rain” was bursting out of me, we were drenched from the waist down.

We were dancing in puddles and we were the only ones around.

The grin on my face; huge…

The best thing about the wet in Darwin is you don’t get cold, so it’s just funny.

Hold on Mr G..

Winds have picked up so it could get a bit wild…I hope Mr G can hold on….

dropping with the rain..

rain drops


another detour this morning, I couldn't resist a walk in the rain.



Looking on the BOM site the clouds are circling around like a cyclone and at present we are in the eye….it’s all gone quiet…the rains stopped… spooky



down pour..


a leak at work.....





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Day 65 – This unique day…

Each and every day from the moment we awaken, we are greeted with the new, the brand new…..how lucky are we.

The mast array of colours that our eyes see are infinite….how lucky are we.

The view we look out everyday, always different from the last….how lucky are we.

Each face that we greet throughout the day….how lucky are we.

These are some of the many millions miracles that we are given each day, do you notice…..how lucky we are..

I had to get some things for work, I took the long way.

loved the colour..

white on white


This morning, clear and bright...

decorated tree










little miracles....

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Day 64 – The wisdom of the grasshopper..

I have had Mr G in my life now for a couple of months (actually since just before I begun this challenge) and this morning when I went out to greet him I saw below him his shedded exoskeleton. Got me thinking as to why Mr G is in my life at present.

Firstly I decided to look up the life cycle of the grasshopper. I may have been taught this years ago at school but for the life of me had no recollection of what the stages were. Really I haven’t really seen that many grasshoppers, and only fleeting. Never one at such close proximity were I was able to experience this magical, yet gradual transformation.

This type of development is called incomplete metamorphosis

From Nymph to Grasshopper

Mr G sits above his old discarded skin.

So what parts of myself was I discarding, I pondered…

I know for sure this ‘challenge’ is so much more then a playful whim for me. This is my ‘gradual’ transformation for in these last 64 days I have revealed myself in ways that I’m sure even those closest to me would have no idea. I had no idea.

I do know that this challenge piqued my curiosity in such a way. I just had to do it, and every day I just do it, for deep within me it just feels right, it feels better then right. It just fills me.

Mr G is now growing wings, they are still small and as yet unusable. Is this where I am at? Are my wings starting to form to take shape. Am I poised ready to take my ‘leap of faith’.

Transforming from nymph to adult -they are pretty pink wings..


Grasshopper Symbolism:

They have the ability to leap through time and into space where the true mysteries of life exist. People with this medicine have the wisdom necessary to overcome obstacles efficiently and are able to jump into successful ventures without preparation or planning. When the grasshopper appears to us we are being asked to take a leap of faith and jump forward into a specific area of life without fear. Usually that specific area is one that we have avoided and is often connected to change on a larger scale. This can represent a change in location, relationships, career or just in the way we perceive ourselves.

Grasshoppers can only jump forward….not backward, or sideways. So, when grasshopper shows up he could be reaffirming to you that you are taking the right steps to move forward in your current situation. Or it could be that he is telling you to go ahead and move forward, getting past what is hindering you. This is why grasshopper is the symbol of good luck all over the world. Grasshopper’s ability to connect and understand sound vibrations is why he is also a symbol of your inner voice. He could be telling you to trust yours.

So here I am ‘jumping’ and breaking down barriers within myself. The outcome doesn’t matter for I know if I continue to follow my passion life will present itself and more then that I am jumping into the realms of self acceptance and that in itself is a breakthrough.

There are 3 special people (in no specific order) I would like to express my gratitude:

Mum: Thankyou, you love and accept me fully no matter what. Your wisdom and your life inspirational. As a sibling in a family of 9 that you supported and loved for the most part on your own. We never had much yet I felt we had everything.

Rudy: My friend and my soul mate, though at times it hasn’t been easy we embarked together on such an amazing dream. I have to pinch myself at times as the where we have journeyed and the endless adventure before us. Your strength, compassion and acceptance is inspiring and I know you see me much greater then I see myself. Thankyou.

Jenny: Dear sweet Jenny you too were ‘piqued’ as I with this journey (I refrain to call it a ‘challenge’) for it’s been everything but that. You travel with me everyday, ‘showing up’ and what an amazing time it has been. I love you so much..

before I sign off for the day

some more photos….

This dog swam, and swam, and swam


What a cracker

Day 63 – The Ocean…

I haven’t been down to the beach for what seems like ages.

It’s a quiet little beach,

I get to enjoy the solitude,

to be at peace with the earth

and commune with my loving partner of infinite possibilities,

the Ocean…..

The spiral of life, continues forever

Tiata (2nd): Our magic carpet....

I thrive by the Sea..


The Ocean is a sign of power and strenght

a little friend...

lucky rainbow...


The Ocean represents infinite possibilities..

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Day 62 – Finding Inner Courage..

When you have a dream,

it’s easy to think it, to talk it.

But to embrace the dream takes inner courage.

Finding that courage,

that belief,

comes with self love,

and keeping the momentum till the end

creates magic…

makes dreams come true..


treat yourself gently and transformation is assured..


a pretty day in Darwin


Always smiling......Hi Marni





Can't help myself I love a sunset..



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120 Day Challenge

The challenge: Doing something you love to do, everyday for 120 days.

Why? Because we spend our lives doing things we don’t like doing, or feel we have to yet we fail to spend the time on what we love.

The Outcome: TBA……..

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Day 61 – Stormy Weather la la la…

The wet is back in town….

With the recent cyclone off WA the normal weather pattern for this time of year gets sucked away.

We have had a few storms over the past couple of days but before that hot and dry.

But come this weekend the monsoon is back over us.

I envision some wet  and wild  walks woohoooo  Storm cloud Storm cloud Storm cloud  Lightning  Storm cloud

We have our (big) brollies ready…  Umbrella Umbrella

stormy weather....

Clouds over the frangipani tree

love the way the bubble high into the sky....

nature's watercolour

forever changing












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Day 60 – Woohoo my cup flows over….

I’ve reached the half way point, and what a journey of enlightenment it is turning into.

What have I learnt….so much…

I am powerful, determined and I have no one to please but myself. I throughly enjoy facing the page everyday and making something of it, whatever.

 Some days are diamonds and some days are gold.

I have a wonderful loving friend that chose to join my on this wonderful journey of growth, love, joy, determination and friendship. Together we have learnt that it’s not about the destination but the journey of discovery and a beautiful devine discovery it is.

So my cup flows over and I’m only half way there.

a trio of bronze.


on the right 2 of Rudy’s bronzes, on the left a painting I did at art class of another of Rudy’s bronzes which was sold.

little stories..

Rudy casting gold at work…..too much fun.

the gold being 'flung' in the mould

blue flame is hot flame

melting the gold



looking up....


Day 59 – How does your garden grow?

How do you care for your the garden of your soul and those in it?

Regular weeding, and pruning?

Do you remove the rocks and sticks form the past?

Me, I sometimes forget to water it….

But when it blossoms it fills my heart.

Red roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed roseRed rose