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Day 11 From Air Con to Air Con

Day 11 I feel like I’m repeating myself but it hot.

Normally we like to use foot power and do not choose to have a car, but at this time of the year I feel like I’m traveling from air conditioner in search of another air conditioner. So there will be numerous of shots from the balcony and I will be venturing inside to my world.

It’s a nice calm and relaxed world so stay tuned.

Today my shot is from the Bus stop on the way to work. It’s a lovely view I stand under a big tree and watch the butterflies dance through the humid air.

Oh look here comes the bus now, it goes down the street first to collect people from the Mandora Ferry then turns around and back into town.

There goes the bus...


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Day 10 – Waking to a Storm

Except for the heat I love this time of year. One moment the sky is clear and blue and the next the rain is belting down.

That’s how our day began, refreshingly wonderful and somewhat exciting. Today I was woken by the grumbles of thunderous clouds and the crack of a lightening. I love it, I lay in bed and watched the action.

Then half an hour later it stopped and by the time I left to catch the bus, blue skies following me……..

Morning Strom

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Day 9 – Lava hot……

Today’s Monday and it’s been a lava hot day. Why lava in the tropics you ask?  Well that’s because you feel like melting. From sun up to sun down the sun beat down with a brisk and heavy downpour , which lasted all of 10 minutes. A good day to be in the air-conditioned comfort of work.

The walk home a hot one today. The frangipanis are at their best, the trees are full and there are many in Darwin.

The cool whiteness of the frangipani cooled my soul and their sweet aroma filled my heart.

I am a lucky girl.














My Rendition of a ‘Lava Hot’ day…..

Lava Hot


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Day 8 – tic tic BOOM – Dragonflies……

Dragonflies in November, very early but beautiful.

Yesterday hardly any ‘tic tic’ and Boom they fill the very air. I tried to capture them haven’t downloaded camera yet but we’ll see.



Wow this morning millions for dragonflies filled the sky, yes millions…. We walk into town from Cullen Bay and they were everywhere.

Then later: with Marni, Rudy called us to the balcony it was like they all decided to leave and were all flying East and then gone, gone.. I look outside now in the blistering afternoon heat and they are gone.

Where do they go? I believe onto there next fabulous experience.

What a wonderful display of faith.

Next I would like to introduce Big Red.

Big, Sassy and Red...




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Day 7, having fun..

Have to say I’m enjoying this “challenge” though it hasn’t been a challenge at all. I like that everyday I’m getting something anything in print. I don’t have the time to pour over each and every shot. Instead I pick the best or an idea – whatever, it doesn’t matter I’m just loving it.

Great day today after a morning walk over to the ‘Cool Spot’ for breakfast, it’s a wonderful walk along the beach. Everything is so green and alive. Then I went into town for a massage, mmmmmmmmmmmm it was soooo goood. Thanks’s Maria.

After which I stopped in a cafe at raintree park, which sits at the end of the mall. This is looking out the window waiting for my Caesar Salad and reading a coffee magazine, wonderful.

Lunch on a Saturday

The sky outside is turning rosy….back soon ; D

It’s now near 8pm after a beautiful rich meatball pasta, cooked delightfully by Rudy. I enjoyed a pretty sunset.



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Day 6 Heating up..



it was another stinker today, hottest yet for the season.

But a wonderful day anyway. We were taken out to lunch for Christmas today,  for anyone who knows Darwin we went to  “Char ” it was a delight. We peered out into a shaded courtyard and the biggest butterfly I’ve seen for along time danced and fluttered throughout the afternoon, and the food and wine fantastic.

It was a great day for photography so clear and crisp.

the sun shone through and lit the coulds from with in

I took 78 photos today so it was a bit tough to choose, no matter I’ll send to family and friends.

After a blistering hot day the sound of thunder promised rain

but alas nothing as yet.

after a hot day, the afternoon rumbles

It’s the next day Saturday, but after I finished my blog I was treated to the most awesome lightening show. The thunderheads where so high and the lightening stretched high up into the upper atmosphere…well that’s what it looked like. Great day for photography….special.



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Day 5, and something a little different..   Leave a comment

Day 5 and I’ve decided to go creative…at home as you walk down the hallway we have a glass tided wall, and I gotta say I love it. Depending on the light and the time of day it always different and to me it’s underwater bubbles and I love the water so even though I’m up in the sky I have water all around me.

I’m a lucky girl…..

someone else might see golf balls……mmmmmm

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