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Day 73 – Time

What is time, but an illusion

when we have it, life slows down

when we don’t, it flashes before your eyes

and yet, really the only real time is ‘now’

all there ever was

and all there ever will be.

Leila sits with me in meditation - Arabic in origin and the meaning "night beauty"

I always like to find the time to meditate, I'm a nature sprite which is why I like surround myself with nature's gifts.












Time is the essence of all that is, time is everything yet time in itself is nothing.

Today it felt like I had no time..

According to Japanese legend, if a koi succeeded in climbing the falls at a point called Dragon Gate on the Yellow River, it would be transformed into a dragon. Based on that legend, it became a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement.


As you can see I love the symbolic world…


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Day 72 – bubbles of colour…

the day was dim,

the light struggled,

and yet it managed,

and so did I.

a rainy day.....

a grey day













Playing with colour

I look across at glass tiles they change colour with the light,

they fascinate me.

I feel like I’m on an underwater adventure,

with the fishies in the sea ..


glass bubbles - sea green

blue bubbles - ocean blue

diamond bubbles




lava bubbles

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Day 71 – The Wet…

The sky grey,

the wind caresses my skin,

waves crash upon the shores,

there’s a ruggedness to the Top End,

orange, yellow, red and brown,

a depth,

a strength,

 a masculine power ,

a roar.

dogs dance in the waves of the normally flat harbour.

a ruddy day..

crabs in battle


looking out...


must be wet....




We have the wonderful Miss Marni staying with us for a few weeks. I moved out of my office as I wanted Marni to feel at home.

I have moved into the back room, it’s open, but I have made it comfortable. I have a different view and I have my space to continue my journey through the 120 day challenge without excuse.

I just peered around and on the window behind my a new friend, an adult grasshopper. I see Mr G still has a way to go and I am reminded to overcome obstacles efficiently and to be ready leap with faith and trust. A lucky symbol.

I love the messages from the world around me, little miracles..

My new digs...I have everything I need..




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Day 70 – A morning walk.

A morning walk fills my soul,

revives my body,

opens my heart,

and makes me oh so grateful that I am here to walk another day upon this Earth.

Myilly Point houses the region's only surviving establishments that portray old world architectural styles that were popular just before the second World War.

beautiful colour

Looking down over Little Mindil Beach from Myilly Point



lots of green - green calms the body, replenishes your energy and helps you to relax.


caught in a shower....wait awhile and it clears...

looking over Darwin wharf area and out into the harbour..

plenty of green to revive me...


and to finish my walk…….


rain soaked beauty


simple pleasures….

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Day 69 – A Zebra Day…..

The zebra’s gifts include seeing in black and white, clarity without filters, balance, agility, uniqueness, power, sureness of path, keeping up individuality within the herd.

The zebra’s black and white stripes camouflage it against predators, who often can’t identify individuals in the herd. However to the herd members the patterns are unique from zebra to zebra, helping to identify one another – they are as unique as our fingerprints. Blending into a crowd without losing your individuality is one powerful aspect of Zebra. Zebras also help us to be supportive members within our communities. These abilities protect them from danger, as well as their agility and speedy.

The stripes also represent the blending and balancing of opposites, yin yang, harmony – enabling us to see a deeper truth.


we saw this little guy....a quail?

Some days you just want to be disguised within the crowd..









But never loose one's unique wonderful and devine identify...

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Day 68 – Soggy soggy soggy oi oi oi….

We were treated to a wet and windy Australia Day morning after a couple of days of extreme weather.

High wind, lots of rain and big tides…..

Looks like most Australian enjoyed either a wet or roasting day..

Luckily by mid morning it had calmed down and we were ready to head out and see what nature had been up too.


Sand dunes....gone...

Greeted to a wet day, nice to be able to sleep in..

The Ski Club swamped by tide and wind


The tides never cease to amaze me.....

green carpet...

a few geese on take off...




Aussie Day lunch at the Sailing cliub

the leaves on all the tree frozen in time....

Tables strewn at the Ski Club



was a big tide....

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Day 67 – Squally Weather..

A big low is sitting over the top of Darwin.

The winds started last night and it hasn’t stopped howling since then.

I’ve moved Mr G to a safer part of the balcony  but he seems unconcerned happily munching and riding the  wind currents  on his ‘surfleaves’. He was good to stay on, he was going off….

Trying to get photos today could be interesting, heading down to the bus….more interesting….mmm.

It’s now 8 30pm the winds had eased of during the day but looking at the BOM site I think we are just about to get another hit of weather. Yep it’s hitting….

Looks like Australia Day for most is going to be wet, wild or stinking hot. Happy Australia Day xx

Riding the 'air waves'....

there wave where crashing......we don't get waves....

howling through the marina..

The photos don’t do justice the wind was howling all the doors in our place was rattling……not much sleep you had..

stormy weather...

this must be Dr Dick

"we can't show you his face"





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