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Goodbye 2012

2012 Thank you for the road trip..

I Bless you,

I Bless you

I Bless you..

the ying and the yang

the yang and the ying..

the successes..

the successes..

I release you..



I forgive you…

the twist's and turns...

the twist’s and turns…

I love you…

my truth...

my truth…

my colours..

my colours..

feel it...

feel it…


I let you go…

I am anew...

I am renewed..

Thank you, always a blast…


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Day 89 – Staying calm within a storm…

Some days bowl you over with an unexpected hook

what can you do…

stay clam, clear and non judgemental

focus on the love

see only light

and know “this too shall pass”

then look outside and take some photos….

back streets of Darwin..

over the roof tops..

Darwin in the Wet Season - empty streets..


look up


strawberry skies..



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Day 70 – A morning walk.

A morning walk fills my soul,

revives my body,

opens my heart,

and makes me oh so grateful that I am here to walk another day upon this Earth.

Myilly Point houses the region's only surviving establishments that portray old world architectural styles that were popular just before the second World War.

beautiful colour

Looking down over Little Mindil Beach from Myilly Point



lots of green - green calms the body, replenishes your energy and helps you to relax.


caught in a shower....wait awhile and it clears...

looking over Darwin wharf area and out into the harbour..

plenty of green to revive me...


and to finish my walk…….


rain soaked beauty


simple pleasures….

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120 Day Challenge

The challenge: Doing something you love to do, everyday for 120 days.

Why? Because we spend our lives doing things we don’t like doing, or feel we have to yet we fail to spend the time on what we love.

The Outcome: TBA……..

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Day 57 – Sunday, beautiful Sunday

I give myself the permission to NOT be perfect

I let go of Self Judgement and the opinions of others

Instead focus on being the BEST ME I can be…

and I have fun with that



Hot Sunday morning in can dance in the main street..

Space and quiet..

I live here...haha







the path is green...




beautiful rain...


a front coming through..




Rudy and Mr G enjoying some quality time...




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Day 56 – Weekend Bliss

Have I mentioned it’s been hot…….

We have had over a week of hot, dry, steaming weather from sun up to sun down. Last night we had a welcome reprieve and a large storm front blew through Darwin.

Which meant a beautiful morning walk still cooled from last night’s rain, and as always devine.

I have withdrawals when I can’t go outside and connect with nature.

It is my home, and I always feel welcomed.

Magpie Geese

Rudy skimming stones...

Through the foliage....


Mindil Beach at high tide


A couple of birds at Fannie Bay

Green grass..




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Day 50 – Still Showing Up.

What can I say Day 50 and I’m having so much fun.

Even on the days when I struggle a little once I have published my days efforts, I am deeply satisfied.

Just because I “showed up”.

Not always perfect. Yet what is perfection but a matter of the mind, and different for everyone and I know for a fact we can judge ourselves way to harshly.

Many in life wait for this or that or state they are too old, too busy, too poor or just can’t.

We are dead very soon on this Earth.

So make each moment matter..


Today’s photos are from our morning walk from Cullen Bay to Fannie Bay Darwin

Stuck on the sand...they were gone on the way back so managed to get out.

Crab tracks.....

I'm a Cancer and sometimes hide in my shell too.


Some Geese, there are plenty in town at present.

Corella's in flight

Heading back..


Big gas tanker heading out, I expect traffic will be much higher once the INPEX gas project is in place.

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