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Goodbye 2012

2012 Thank you for the road trip..

I Bless you,

I Bless you

I Bless you..

the ying and the yang

the yang and the ying..

the successes..

the successes..

I release you..



I forgive you…

the twist's and turns...

the twist’s and turns…

I love you…

my truth...

my truth…

my colours..

my colours..

feel it...

feel it…


I let you go…

I am anew...

I am renewed..

Thank you, always a blast…


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120 Day Challenge

The challenge: Doing something you love to do, everyday for 120 days.

Why? Because we spend our lives doing things we don’t like doing, or feel we have to yet we fail to spend the time on what we love.

The Outcome: TBA……..

Posted January 20, 2012 by lynsoutside in 120 Days

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